Where I'm Starting From

My intention behind starting this blog is threefold. Firstly, I have found a distinct lack of critical voice in arts writing in Toronto, especially with regard to experimental work. We have lots of people (with debatable qualifications) who are happy to write quippy pieces about whether or not you should go to take in a particular piece of work. However there is virtually nothing written with the intention of being read as a companion to viewing art. I think this is wrong, and I'm aiming to change it. The second reason is that, like most people who go to the trouble of posting their thoughts online, I have a series of specific issues about the world that I feel need to be addressed. Queer issues, leftie politics, environmentalism, and others aspects of this oeuvre are of interest to me, and I'm therefore planning to cram this whole online experiment chock full of this stuff.

Finally, in combination with the first two points, I hope that this space can become a forum for dialogue. Whether it's art or politics (in my case it's hard to tell when one ends and the other begins) there simply can't be too much discussion. I hope that this can become a space where minds meet, opinions are spilled, and we all walk away better, even if that only means being more confident in our beliefs.

Wow! That all sounds heavy. I should also mention I'm pretty fucking funny too.