I've got A.D.S.!

A few weeks back I decided to cave to the God's of Google and allow targeted advertising on my blog. My thought was that readers logging on to catch-up with my latest writings, might be inclined to click some the ads posted along the side of the blog and in so doing earn me a few cents here and there for my writings. Given that I'm covering mostly performance-related matters, I figured that the bulk of the ads would be for such delightful things are Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre and Sheridan's Musical Theatre Program. I should have known that Google was smarted than that.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google actually targets advertising based on the words in specific posts, not just the overall content of the blog. I recently posted a review of a performance called God exists, the Mother is present, but they no longer care, and the next day logged on to find a whack of God-related advertising lining the edges of my page. While I'm happy to take their money, I'm curious to know what these Jesus loving folks would think if they knew they were getting hits directed to their site from the blog of some pot-smoking atheist faggot.

A couple of my favourites include: Bible Truths, Piece of Mind, and It's His Story.

So not only does checking out the ads help me out, it's also good for a laugh, and may even save your soul from eternal damnation! Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

hey chris
god loves you:)
ive thought about google ads too but they really just end up undermining what you're talking about and dont generate much ad revenue (unless you are techcrunch.com)
enjoying your blog