Time and Space

When I made the decision to start blogging about four months ago I spent a long time racking my brain for what to call the whole enterprise. I wanted something that was distinctive and yet all encompassing in terms of the myriad of different issues I wanted to address. I had a few different ideas that I ran past my group of people that I run ideas by and eventually just settled on calling it Chris Dupuis. Far from being some sort of megalomaniacal gesture, it was really just a lack of creativity on my part; I couldn't come up with anything better at the time.

Now months later, seeing my own name at the top of the page every time I log on is starting to grate on me. When I initially conceived this project it was to be about giving time and space to a range of different voices and opinions, not just mine. In the coming months, I'm hoping to expand things a little bit, and start getting some other people to post things here. With that in mind, still having the blog appear under my own name did feel a bit megalomaniacal so I started to think about what the fuck else I could call it.

The two things that seem to be the hardest for artists to find in life are the time to create their work and the space in which to work and present what they've created. Certainly in my own artistic practice, seeking out those two things has been a difficult and ongoing battle, superseded perhaps only by the struggle to make ends meet. Though I'd love to start giving away money here, I've yet to win big at 6/49, so calling the thing Cash Grab didn't seem particularly logical either. After a stoned walk up the mountain inspiration stuck and I decided to re-christen the whole enterprise Time and Space.

I'm not sure exactly what else is going to come here over the next few months, however I do know that it can and will be a space in which ideas are exchanged, minds are expanded, and more likely than not a few catfights will ensue. Together as a community we can create this space. We'll all just have to work at finding the time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Love the new name. Apt.

Anonymous said...

That mountain always has good ideas.